We offer hydraulic cylinder repair services on all brands of loaders, excavators, cranes, snowplows, presses and dump trucks. If it is irreparable, we can reverse engineer it and build you a new custom made hydraulic cylinder. Our technicians will disassemble and thoroughly inspect the barrel to record every part of the cylinder.

We take pride in being one of the few shops that measures every bit of each hydraulic cylinder rather than reordering a generic kit. This helps us investigate the root cause for hydraulic cylinder failures and allows us to repair them back to their original condition. Our experienced staff can provide a report of our findings and recommend specific repairs.

Standard Service Procedures for Hydraulic Cylinder Repair:

    • Cylinder is disassembled
    • Barrel is inspected
    • Replace/ hone barrel as necessary
    • Inspect / repair / replace rod as necessary
    • Clean all parts, replace all seals and packings
    • Inspect all threaded connections and mounting surfaces
    • Assemble cylinder
    • Test cylinder to 100% rated pressure along entire stroke
    • Adjust cushions
    • Cover all external ports prior to painting
    • Paint with rust inhibitive paint prior to packing and shipping

Maverick Machine & Hydraulics in Mississauga offers hydraulic cylinders repair services for Tie Rod Cylinders, Welded Clevis Model Cylinders, Welded Pin Eye Model Cylinders, Telescopic Cylinders, Stainless Steel Cylinders, and Snowplow Cylinders.

Why Choose us for your Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

      1. Solid Service: A friendly, responsive approach has been a cornerstone of our success in the hydraulic repair and hydraulic cylinder manufacturing industries.
      2. Unique Numbering: Responsibility often means greater accountability. That is just what our individual serial numbers do for our hydraulic cylinder repair & custom made manufacturing process.
      3. 100% Testing: We perform vigorous testing on every custom made hydraulic cylinder manufacturing service and repair that we complete. We can ensure that it will perform to your expectations.
      4. CNC Precision Machining: Our CNC machining is accurate to tight tolerances and is checked by trained operators. Whether your parts need milling, turning, live tooling capability, or welding, they’re in safe hands at Maverick Machine & Hydraulics.
      5. Full Warranty: Our standard 1 year replacement guarantee and optional 5 year pro-rated warranty show how much we believe in our hydraulic cylinder repair & Custom Made Cylinder Services.

Contact Maverick Machine & Hydraulics for Custom Made Cylinders or for unique & original hydraulic cylinders.