Hydraulic Cylinder Pistons

What Are Hydraulic Cylinder Pistons?

A hydraulic cylinder is a cylinder barrel where a piston is attached to a piston rod that moves back and forth. On each end by the cylinder bottom, the barrel is closed. The cylinder head is where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder and is called the cap end.

Hydraulic Cylinder Pistons
Pistons in Cylinder Assemblies

What Is the Role of Pistons in Cylinder Assemblies?

The main role of pistons is to transfer heat energy by transferring the force output of an expanding gas located in the cylinder to a crankshaft. The piston separates the inside of the cylinder into two chambers, the cap end, the bottom chamber, and the piston rod side chamber. The hydraulic pressure pushes the piston to go into motion.

What Are the Different Types of Pistons Used in Various Applications?

The following three types of pistons are distinguishable by their shape: flat top, dome, and dish.

Flat-top Pistons

Flat-top pistons have the most force to create an even flame distribution as they contain the smallest surface space. This type of piston is typically used for creating efficient combustion.

Dish Pistons

Dish pistons are shaped similarly to a plate with outer edges that curl up a little. Usually, dish pistons are used in boosted applications that do not need a high compression ratio.

Dome Pistons

Dome Pistons are shaped like a bubble, similar to the roof of a stadium. This helps increase the surface area available on the top of the piston. By having more surface area, less compression occurs. Dome pistons essentially help prevent an engine from ripping itself apart.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pistons

Here are the important factors and characteristics when selecting high-quality pistons for cylinder parts:

  • Pistons should be made from material with low expansion and provision to accommodate different expansion rates of aluminum pistons and cast iron cylinders.
  • Pistons should be weightless to reduce the mass attached to them. This will enable higher engine speeds and streamline the performance of the machine.
  • They should be able to withstand high-quality heat conductivity to decrease the risk of explosions and resist high pressure and high compression ratios.
  • Pistons should operate in silence and not make any loud abrupt noises.
  • They should be made with a properly formed skirt to provide uniform bearing when machines are being operated.

Benefits of Quality Pistons

These are the benefits of using high-quality pistons in cylinder assemblies:

  • They produce very high linear force.
  • They can function properly using very high pressures and speeds.
  • You can purchase both variable and fixed-type displacement units.

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Our Piston Dimensions & Specs

Part No. O.D. Length
MP200 Piston 2″ 1.5″
MPM50 Piston 50mm 40mm
MPM60 Piston 60mm 40mm
MP212 Piston 2.50″ 1.5″
MPM70 Piston 70mm 45mm
MP300 Piston 3″ 1.75″
MPM80 Piston 80mm 45mm
MP312 Piston 3.50″ 1.75″
MPM90 Piston 90mm 45mm
MP400 Piston 4″ 1.75″
MP500 Piston 5″ 2.188″
MP600 Piston 6″ 2.375″


What is a custom piston for a hydraulic cylinder?
A part of a hydraulic cylinder that oscillates back and forth inside the cylinder barrel to produce linear force and motion is called a custom hydraulic cylinder piston. It is usually constructed of high-strength materials and is intended to withstand the pressures and environmental factors unique to the hydraulic system.
How do I pick the best piston for a hydraulic cylinder?
Considerations for selecting the ideal hydraulic cylinder piston include application requirements, operating pressure, temperature, speed, and load capacity. To choose the right piston for your unique needs, it's important to speak with a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer or an expert.
Can the pistons in hydraulic cylinders be replaced or repaired?
If a hydraulic cylinder piston is worn out or damaged, it may be possible to repair it. The piston seal may need to be reconditioned, resurfaced, or replaced. However, it might be necessary to replace the piston if it has suffered significant damage or cannot be effectively repaired.
How do I maintain the pistons in a hydraulic cylinder?
Regular checks for wear or damage, cleaning of the piston and seals, checking the hydraulic fluid for contamination, and proper lubrication are all part of the proper maintenance of hydraulic cylinder pistons. To extend the life and performance of the pistons, it's critical to adhere to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.