Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing in Canada

Back in the day of Texas cattle barons, one rancher stood out from the rest. Samuel A. Maverick decided that if all other ranchers branded their cattle, any cows without a brand belonged to him. And so, the word Maverick came to mean an independent thinker, a unique approach, or one who blazed a little different trail.

Fast forward to the 21st century. We’re not CAT, KOMATSU, CASE, HITACHI, or even VOLVO. However, we have the expertise and components to supply and repair hydraulic cylinders on big name equipment whether it has wheels or not. And we would like a chance to show you just how different we are.



We understand you need to keep working and we want to help that. We’ve streamlined our process, lengthened our hours and honed our skills. Our caring team is committed to integrity so we will always recommend the right solutions and strive to deliver when we promise. We think you will agree that the value we offer for every dollar spent is worthwhile.

Even more than our broad product offering of new and rebuilt components, hoses, pumps and valves – we’re here to help you with quick delivery service, multiple payment options, and a North American wide network of affiliates

Go-To Company for Hydraulic
Cylinder Repairs & Components in GTA

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We know that time is our most precious commodity – and there is no time to waste. At Maverick Machine & Hydraulics we “give 100” to meet your timeline because no one wants downtime on your line or on a site.



Put it this way – we like to feel good about the work we have done in a day. That means delivering value at every step. Rush deliveries, hydraulic cylinders repair, components, manufacturing, re-engineering, working with your budget and helping you make good decisions. We’re sure you’ll agree fair is about far more than the price.



Split shipments, stocked components, clevis options and facilities in both the USA and Canada make our team the easiest to deal with. Treat your headache – try Maverick Machine & Hydraulics.


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Maverick Machine & Hydraulics

Located right at the edge of Canada’s largest city, Maverick Machine & Hydraulics is easy to reach.

Main Office

1633 Trinity Drive Mississauga,
ON Canada L5T 1K4


Below you will find our North American Network:

HQI Hydraulics:
3400 Delaware Ave, Des Moines, IA 50313

MAC Hydraulics:
4901 Chester Creek Rd, Brookhaven, PA 19015