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Hydraulic cylinder supply and repair services in BramptonAs the ninth largest city in Canada with a population in excess of 700,000, the suburban city of Brampton is in a uniquely competitive position, owing to not only its large, diverse, and growing population; but also its diverse and resilient economic base and its considerable investment in construction. As a result, Brampton has attracted over 64,000 businesses in the city that encompass a range of sectors, from manufacturing to health and life sciences and a rapidly growing innovation and technology presence.

At Maverick Machine, we are proud to have partnered with many industrial companies operating in Brampton, particularly in the construction, logistics, and manufacturing areas, to provide them with all types of hydraulic cylinders and professional and expedited hydraulic repair services, including custom-made hydraulic components that suit your specific application needs.

Brampton Economic Outlook

Brampton has a highly diversified local economy that has experienced an influx of domestic, international, and brand new business that seek to leverage the city’s outstanding attributes, including the vibrant workforce, modern infrastructure, and good access to an extensive network of trans-continental highways.

Brampton has been considered as a growth spot within the region of Ontario, and is actually the second fastest growing city in Canada in 2020, despite challenges posed by the pandemic. Among the notable development sectors in Brampton are food and beverage, advanced manufacturing, and health and life sciences.

The city of Brampton has reaffirmed its Standard & Poor’s highly regarded Triple “A” credit rating. Moreover, it ranked Top 10 Overall Mid-Sized City, as recognized by the Top 10 Best Business Friendliness and Connectivity, FDI Magazine. With an estimated population of over 650,000, Brampton is the 4th largest city in Ontario and 9th in Canada.

Hydraulic cylinder supply and repair services for the construction industry

Brampton continues to experience a high level of construction activity, and was even ranked 10th in Canada for total construction value in 2017 after generating $1.4 billion in investment. With the city’s high growth expected to continue until 2041, Brampton has positioned itself as a strong economy that will continue to attract investment and remain among the country’s most active markets in the next decades.

The City of Brampton has one of the largest industrial inventories in the Greater Toronto Area, accounting for about 12 percent of all industrial space. New constructions have added millions of square feet to the industrial inventory, housing new companies in logistics, foods, and other sectors, and allowing for the expansion of existing facilities. Residential development in the city also continues to be strong, complementing the steady new commercial construction.

When it comes to handling heavy loads in the construction sector, Maverick Machine can be your reliable supplier and service partner for all your hydraulic cylinder needs in Brampton. We specialize in premium hydraulic cylinder sales and repair services. Our shop in Brampton carries various types of hydraulic cylinders and also provides various Custom Made Cylinders, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders, and Hydraulic Cylinders Repair services.

Our products come in a range of configurations to meet specific industry needs, including:

  • Single acting hydraulic cylinder – These cylinders feature a single port at one end of the cylinder, through which the hydraulic fluid is pumped to push the rod and cause it to expand in one direction only. The rod returns to its original position because of the weight of the load or due to a spring.
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder – These cylinders have ports on both ends of the cylinder, such that the hydraulic fluid can be pumped in either direction to extend the rod (when oil is pumped into the head port) and retract the rod (when oil flow is reversed).
  • Telescopic cylinders – These are suitable for hydraulic systems that need to extend far longer than the conventional systems while maintaining an initial compact package. Also known as multi-stage cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders are used in specific cases where the stroke length exceeds the normal retracted length of the cylinder, as is often the case in dump trucks.
  • Stainless steel cylinders – These are an excellent choice for food and beverage applications, due to the ability of the material to resist corrosion from water or cleaning chemicals. Stainless steel cylinders won’t degrade when subjected to repeated sanitation processes.
  • High pressure hydraulic cylinders – For specialized push, pull, and lift applications that require pressures above 5,000 psi up to 10,000 psi, then a high pressure hydraulic cylinder may be the best suited for your unique needs. Featuring robust, heavy-duty designs, our high pressure cylinders offer reliable performance and durability in various industrial applications.

Maverick Machine & Hydraulics Supply, Parts & Repairs in Brampton

Over the years, our brand has become synonymous with the design, engineering, and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders to our customers’ specifications and unique application needs. The team at Maverick Machine & Hydraulics fully understands how costly premature cylinder failures and downtime can be to your bottom line.

Besides supplying hydraulic cylinders, we also have a variety of accessories, including some that are in stock for immediate delivery and also custom-made options. We use hydraulic fittings or O-ring boss ports that can be taken apart and put back together, rather than a national pipe thread (NPT).

This product is available in stock 1.5inch to 4, guaranteeing the best/fastest delivery when you need it. We also supply Seals that are not only compatible you’re your stainless steel cylinders, but also designed for use in glycol based or food-grade oils

By partnering with us for your hydraulic cylinder needs, you benefit from our:

  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Precision cylinder machining services
  • Unique numbering system that facilitates accountability and traceability
  • 100% testing capabilities for manufactured and repaired components
  • Full warranty programs, including a standard one-year replacement guarantee and optional five-year, pro-rated warranty

For additional information about our hydraulic cylinder offerings, contact our office in Brampton today.

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