Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Telescopic cylinders have a distinctive nested design consisting of multiple steel tubes of progressively smaller sizes. These cylinders can fit into one another or expand for additional length. Telescopic cylinders are used in specific cases where the stroke length exceeds the normal retracted length of the cylinder, as is often the case in dump trucks. Maverick offers several options for telescopic cylinders, and we can also work with you to repair existing cylinders. Our specialty is dual-acting dump cylinders, however, we do also carry an offshore line of single-acting larger dump hoist cylinders for most common dump trucks. Specs sheet in PDF

DEL 4DS (144″ – 163″ Stroke)

DEL 2DF & DEL 2FS Cylinders (102″ Stroke)

DEL 1FS Cylinder (78″ Stroke)

14′ Dump

11’4″ Dump (Job Boss)

9′ Dump (Job Boss)

Sealkits also available starting at $159.00

Seal kits are available for all DEL product lines.