Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

custom made cylinders

Our custom cylinder program was designed specifically to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with one simple philosophy: Always keep your cylinders in stock. At Maverick Machine, we strive to provide the highest quality custom-made cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and stainless steel cylinders—all backed by exceptional service. We ensure you have the hydraulic cylinders you need to keep production moving. Our friendly and flexible approach covers engineering services, prototyping, performance verification, and full production.

As a supplier to many OEMs, we are confident in our ability to offer almost any style of single-acting or double-acting cylinder, built to your exact specifications right here in North America. This gives you the assurance of being no more than 2-3 weeks from having the exact custom cylinder that you need, which is something many other cylinder manufacturers can’t offer.

Our Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Process

At Maverick Machine, our in-house teams handle every stage of custom hydraulic cylinder production. Each of our cylinders is designed to meet the core functions and requirements of the customer’s unique hydraulic system.

Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Capabilities

During the design and engineering stages of our custom manufacturing process, we use advanced software and tools for high-performance 3D modeling. We can virtually test and modify different designs for custom commercial and industrial hydraulic cylinders before the prototyping even begins. We can design, prototype, and manufacture both single- and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Next, our team will build out prototypes for extensive testing and field use so you can choose the best features and modifications for your final product. In this stage, we’ll work with you to optimize the process and product for maximum performance and a cost-effective per-unit cost. You will talk to our design and prototyping team about features such as seal configurations, pressure switches, counterbalances, and more to create the right part for your system—no matter how simple or complex it needs to be.

Getting the Best Cylinder for Your Application

Custom hydraulic cylinders are built to fit every dynamic need of the machinery. You can commission the design and fabrication of specialty cylinders that perfectly meet unique pressure and fluid capabilities to minimize the risk of malfunctions or fluid leaks. You will also have cylinders that are a perfect fit for extremely powerful machinery when standard cylinders and seals aren’t good enough. We design and manufacture our cylinders around multiple unique specifications and application requirements, including:

  • Harsh environmental factors
  • Frequency of use
  • Unique sealing materials
  • Pressure and stress damages
  • Size and shape based on the machinery’s configuration
  • Industry
  • Tangential materials and parts
  • Ease of access
  • Exterior and interior coating technologies
  • Industry certifications
  • Safety

Hydraulic Cushioning in a Cylinder – New Method & Benefits:

Why Maverick Machine & Hydraulics?

At Maverick Machine, we can design, test, and create unique custom cylinders for any industry or application. Each process features exemplary service and attention to detail from start to finish. We ensure quality with 100% testing on every hydraulic cylinder and unique serial numbers to track each cylinder.

Custom-made cylinders ensure better lifetime performance of the hydraulic tools and systems they are built for. They best fit the needs of high-powered applications or use in harsh environments where standard cylinders often fail or underperform. If you are an OEM, we can design and fabricate custom cylinders to match your application. Maverick’s custom cylinders team has the experience and skill to address all your cylinder and hydraulic needs.

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