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Hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuild services in TorontoMaverick Machine is the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders and custom parts in Toronto, with vast experience in the design, fabrication, and customization of hydraulic components. Our quality guaranteed products provide our clients in the construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, and logistics and warehousing sectors with effective and efficient solutions that help them achieve their bottom line.

Our stainless steel hydraulic cylinders are particularly helpful in the food & beverage sector in Toronto, considering that this region has the greatest concentration of food and beverage manufacturers in Canada. We realize that there are certain requirements for food processing equipment, and we can help you meet these needs, including:

  • Supplying the sector with state-of-the-art equipment fabricated from top quality materials to aid in maintaining the high standards required, including strict cleaning and hygiene guidelines
  • Supplying high quality and durable cylinders, components, and accessories fabricated from high quality materials so they can withstand the heavy use, including the use of harsh chemicals that can be corrosive, which is common in the food processing industry
  • Providing the complete solution with our quality steel hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic accessories such as seals and hoses, aluminum tank reservoirs, and hydraulic tanks to help you satisfy the unique needs of the food equipment manufacturing industry and manage the many processes that require force and torque, like mixing butter, loading crates of beverages, blending thick candy, and so on.

Outlook of Toronto

Toronto ranks among the top ten financial centres in the world, and is considered Canada’s business and financial capital. In fact, much of Toronto’s success is attributed to the strength and continued growth of its financial industry. Toronto is also competitive in other major business sectors, such as food and beverage, green energy, life sciences, technology, fashion, and film and TV production. 

The City of Toronto’s industrial diversity has encouraged innovation, growth, and cross-sectoral synergies that have facilitated the emergence of new leading-edge hybrid sectors such as food-tech, green-tech, and med-tech.

Home to over 2.8 million people, Toronto, which is located in the Southeast of Canada, is an attractive place for families looking to settle down or businesses planning to set up here. The blend of a vibrant city life, stunning scenery, amazing food scene, employment opportunities, and even the friendly Canadians has attracted people and businesses to the metropolis. 

Hydraulic cylinder repair and rebuild services in Toronto

At Maverick Machine, we know that time is critical to you, so we strive to get your problems fixed as quickly as possible. Consider bringing it to our hydraulic repair shop where our skilled engineers can help get the failed cylinder back into operation or replace damaged components.

The decision whether to schedule hydraulic repair services or perhaps replace a specific part or unit may not always be clear. Often, it requires an understanding of its function, design, and operation. Fortunately, we can obtain the necessary measures to troubleshoot your cylinder and components through our hydraulic system analysis. 

Maverick Machine can fully support your facility’s hydraulic press service, repair, and breakdown requirements. Our experts can assist you with issues such as leaking hydraulic cylinders, slow pressure buildup, unusually high hydraulic oil temperature, and strange noises or vibrations. We will help you get to the bottom of the problem and make the necessary repairs to restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your equipment.

Maverick Machine has recently expanded our service facility. As always, Maverick will analyze why the component failed and will work with you to take steps to prevent a re-occurrence. In a situation where it is not cost effective to move the machine, we can often rebuild the machine in your own facility by implementing changes over time. Maverick will work within your budget and your maintenance schedule to give you the best working system possible.

Hydraulic services for Ground Support Equipment

Toronto and the surrounding areas are home to the second largest aerospace cluster in the country. Maverick Machine is part of Toronto’s workforce specializing in hydraulic cylinder supplies and repair, as well as custom hydraulic component design and fabrication. We realize the importance of ground support equipment (GSE) such as hydraulic power units and aviation jacks to the repair and maintenance of some of the largest investments in the world: private and commercial aircrafts. 

With this in mind, our technical experts go to task to deliver exceptional repair services for your GSE and other heavy equipment so you can get the most use and life out of them. As a result, you will be able to support your clients’ investments to the best of your abilities.

Our service shop in Toronto has full metalworking, fabrication and welding capabilities. This allows us to repair the mechanical parts of the machine and not just the hydraulic/electronic components that drive it. In a well performing system, all the components must work together. Our qualified personnel include fluid power specialists, electro-mechanical technicians, welders, machinists, and support staff.

The Maverick Service Centre has experience on a wide variety of simulation equipment, including M.A.S.T. tables; four post vehicle and vibration tables. Our experience also includes three and six degree of freedom motion simulators, including:

  • MTS Actuators and Supporting Equipment
  • Servotest
  • Shore Western
  • MOOG

We also work on other types of electro-hydraulic systems including injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, tube bending machines, transfer systems, or just about any machine that incorporates hydraulics in its automation process.

Maverick Machine & Hydraulics Supply, Parts & Repairs in Toronto

The team at Maverick Machine & Hydraulics fully understands how costly premature cylinder failures and downtime can be to your bottom line. By partnering with us for your hydraulic cylinder needs, you benefit from our:

  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Precision cylinder machining services
  • Unique numbering system that facilitates accountability and traceability
  • 100% testing capabilities for manufactured and repaired components
  • Full warranty programs, including a standard one-year replacement guarantee and optional five-year, pro-rated warranty

For additional information about our hydraulic cylinder offerings or want to explore the excellence of our hydraulic cylinder repair services, contact our office in Toronto today. 

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