Hydraulic Equipment Supplier

Maverick Machine is all about hydraulic products and cylinders whether custom-made, repaired, or imported. We are experts in our field, we know what you actually want to hear. This is how we like to look after our customers no matter what their size their needs are.

We carry all parts and products that an original equipment manufacturer needs to keep his production rolling. Connect with Maverick today for unbranded hydraulic products and services.


Do you repair hydraulic pumps/hoses?

Maverick Machine is partnered with a number of hydraulic pump and hose repair companies:

  • Deet Hydraulics Ltd.
  • Fluid Hose & Coupling Inc.
  • Acklands Grainger
  • Princess Auto

Contact us for more information.

Do you offer a pickup/drop off service for repairs?

Yes! Call 905.795.7885 and we will schedule it. make sure the ports are capped so no oil is leaking out and it is relatively clean.

How fast can you repair my hydraulic cylinder?

Obviously this is hard to answer without seeing all that is damaged in your cylinder but you can expect 3-5 days turnaround.

Is there an inspection fee to diagnose the problems with my hydraulic cylinder?

Yes we charge $100 to disassemble and inspect the cylinder which can be credited if the repair quote is accepted.

What is your labour rate for repairs?

We offer fair pricing after inspection instead of a labour rate, however, We have a minimum order of $300.

Where can I find the model number on my cylinder?

Most likely this is stamped into the barrel near the base port and will be a 5-12 digit mix of numbers and letters.

What dimensions do I need to know to order a new dump truck cylinder?

You will need to measure the pin to pin size or trunnion to trunnion as well as the stroke length and largest diameter tube. Please review the sheet on our webpage for more info.

What grade of stainless steel do you use to build hydraulic cylinders?

We use 316 and 316L stainless for most stainless steel cylinders because the marine industry expects it and all fittings available are this grade.

What are the common sizes of hydraulic cylinders I can order?

The critical dimensions for you to know are the bore, stroke and rod diameter. Once you have an idea of this we can walk you through a sensible solution based on your application.

Can I get a hydraulic power unit from you to run the cylinders you made?

Yes! connect with an engineer today to match the power supply to your application