hydraulic power pack


The durability of Stainless Steel is long proven. Typically the grades used in industry are 303/304/316/17-4PH which are mainly made up of a mixture of nickel, steel, and chromium which gives it excellent tensile and yield while still allowing machinability needed for production. This means a long and economic service life for your equipment.

But truly the prime feature of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders is their rust resistance and the cleanability that results from this. The secret to the corrosion resistance is in the chromium and molybdenum content which creates an oxide film on the surface of the metal. Because of this armour and the non-porous nature of the Stainless Steel germs can only linger is in the crevices and holes created during the machining process of the stainless cylinders. Our goal at Maverick is to minimize those places so the cleaning solutions can do their job effectively.

 Precision machined manifold

Custom hydraulic fluid power systems sometimes require complex connections.  Maverick can help you engineer the manifold you need.

Hydraulic Port

We manufacture ports for assembly into hydraulic cylinders. ORB, SAE, or NPT: name your connection and we will make it integrate into your hydraulic power system seamlessly.

Half Couplings

When space in your application is tight, shorter couplings can make all the difference. Maverick knows they’re hard to find, but we will make them exactly to your spec.