Strategic Digital Objectives in the Hydraulic Industry/Maverick

Maverick recently attended a networking session about defining your company’s digital vision with strategic objectives, hosted by BDC. They are an organization that is supporting small and medium-sized businesses in all industries with lending and advice. Our primary take-away from the event was to view digital (IT) in your business as a layer around the client instead of a department in our business.

Did you know that only 19% of Ontario businesses are considered digitally mature? We aren’t in the 19% yet, but we are working toward it! We are keenly interested in the trends and disruptors specific to the hydraulic industry.

At our custom cylinder manufacturing plant in Mississauga, we appreciate the expertise that is accessible by networking. By improving our expertise and capability digitally, we can enhance our customers’ experience. One of our objectives is having “one version of the truth” which is input by the customer and flows directly to all departments. This will be facilitated by an ERP and greatly decrease communication errors.

Another area of our business is repairing hydraulic cylinders; because more clients are finding us online- specifically through their phones we are improving our website to provide one-click directions to our repair location as most of these clients are our neighbors.

Follow us as we move through the 5 steps of digitizing our business!